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My name is Hailey and I'm the original Matkins kid. My Mom created Matkins when I started school. Eating on the tables in a school cafeteria or a fast food restaurant can be kind of like licking the bottom of a shoe.  If that makes you cringe as much as it does us, then you understand why Matkins was created.  The idea was simple - kids should always have a clean surface to eat on - but my Mom wanted to take it a step further and make them fashionable too.  With Matkins, kids can express their personal identity while helping the environment and exercising good hygiene. That's why Matkins are the hot must-have lunch accessory that you can feel good about your kids using. Across the country, schools are promoting zero-waste lunches. Now you can do your part while giving your child a safe, eco-chic, affordable placemat and napkin in one convenient bundle. One side is made of the most amazing fabric I've ever seen. It doesn't stain!  Seriously, we've put it to the ketchup and mustard test. Even I don't know how it works. But I do know that it's BPA, PVC, and phthalate free, and totally washable. Moms love that kind of stuff!  The patterned side is 100% cotton fabric that is absolutely adorable if I do say so myself. And our minikin is a supple 100% polyester that's perfect for cleaning up little hands.


My Mom made some for me and wouldn't you know ... EVERYONE had to have one!  Now a teenager, I'm continuing my Mom's creation ... Makin' Matkins for everyone.  ENJOY!


Matkins measure about 10x14" and are made up of a highly stain resistant placemat side and a 100% cotton side.  They are machine washable and dryer safe as well, although we recommend low heat or air drying.  They have an all-important poppet on the placemat side.  Poppets are what I called pockets as a kid and it stuck, and quite frankly, it just sounds cuter.  The poppet is perfect for holding utensils, a small treat, or even a little love note from Mom.  It's also the ideal spot for our minikin - a small napkin that's perfect for the dainty diva or un-messy Marvin to wipe between bites. When the Matkin is rolled up properly, the poppet is still exposed.  And to hold all that cuteness together, we use satiny color-coordinated ribbons with a bead on each end.  The beads serve a very important purpose - decoration and customization 'cuz kids love that stuff!




To use the Matkin, simply untie, unroll, and voila - a perfectly sized germ free surface to eat on!  The fabric is soft and pliable so kids can easily wad it up and toss it in their lunchboxes when they're through - because you know they will.  Couldn't be simpler or more kid friendly!


Customers love the compact portability of the design but what keeps people buying more Matkins (aside from the durability and washability of course) are the adorable patterns. You can't choose just one!  And we can't either. We are a small batch manufacturer which means we purchase a set amount of a particular pattern we fall in love with, and once it's gone, it's gone. Every single Matkin is a limited edition in that sense. If you love it, don't leave it because we can't guarantee how long it will last.

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