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Matkins are pretty simple to use and care for but every once in awhile we get questions ...


Can I put my Matkins in the dryer?


Matkins are machine washable and dryer safe; however, we do recommend laying flat simply because of the cotton side.  It's pre-shrunk but no sense pushing that envelope.


Do you offer wholesale pricing?


Absolutely!  We feel Matkins are well-suited to boutiques, nature centers, and high-end retailers.  If you're one of those, please contact us through our Sell Ours page. If you're not one of those and you still want to sell Matkins, contact us anyway - as long as you're not Target or WalMart, we're happy to listen.


How has my child eaten on public tables all these years without a Matkin?


We honestly don't know. It's scary, isn't it?

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