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Every school needs a helping hand

Matkins are for kids and all about kids, so it stands to reason we want to help our schools educate our kids.  That's why we offer easy and profitable fundraising opportunities to schools.

Here are some basic details about a Matkins fundraiser.  Use the contact form below to find out more.


  • Earn 35% for your school

  • New product in a new market = easy to sell

  • No pressure or minimums

  • No door-to-door sales

  • Not only supports the school but supports zero-waste lunch initiative

  • Safe, affordable, and durable product

  • No inflated pricing for fundraisers

  • No order collecting, sorting, or distributing - we take care of it all through our special fundraising website!


As one PTA president recently said to us, "It's a no-brainer!"


We look forward to helping your school achieve your goals!

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